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Gymotion® Lay To Sit-Up Play™ Gymotion® Lay To Sit-Up Play™ Gymotion® Lay To Sit-Up Play™ Gymotion® Lay To Sit-Up Play™
Gymotion® Lay To Sit-Up Play™ Gymotion® Lay To Sit-Up Play™ Gymotion® Lay To Sit-Up Play™ Gymotion® Lay To Sit-Up Play™

Gymotion® Lay To Sit-Up Play™

This 3-in-1 gym grows with your baby, changing from a padded gym to an upright seat with 20 developmental activities. Perfect for exploration and interactive play.
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This 3-in-1 gym grows with your baby, changing from a padded gym to an upright seat with 20 developmental activities. Perfect for exploration and interactive play.

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  • This gym will entertain your baby while laying or sitting, as it can be transformed into an upright seat for supported sitting and playing.

  • Easily unfold the playmat, lock the arches into place, and attach the lovable accessories in the right position and appropriate length for your baby.

  • Introduce the many whimsical accessories – a battery-operated, motion-activated musical plane, a double-sided tummy-time pillow, a large, baby-safe mirror that can be suspended or propped up, a teething rattle, and a rattle with sliding beads.

  • Lay and play - During stage one, place your baby on their back and watch with awe as they explore and discover the world around them.

  • Tummy Time - Encourage repeated head lifting during stage two, by introducing the special tummy time pillow and positioning the mirror and accessories on the mat.

  • Sit Up - When your baby is ready to sit up at stage three, easily transform the playmat into a safe and harnessed seat. Slip the pillow into the special pocket under your baby’s feet to ensure enhanced comfort. The sitting position pillow and angle allow them to sit in an optimal posture.

  • Choose one of two seat safety positions—a snug fit for younger babies 5 months plus, and a slightly larger fit for babies 8 months plus. Insert the buckle strap through the appropriate loop for optimal security, and promote ‘sit and play’ time by positioning the accessories on the arch in front of them for eye-level engagement.

  • Fold easily for convenient storage or travel.

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What's Inside

  • 1 x smart-structure with two arches and auto-locking safety locks

  • 1 x large animal friends themed circular playmat (machine washable)

  • 1 x multi-textured, battery-operated, motion-activated music and sound plane

  • 1 x large mirror for hanging on arch or standing on mat

  • 1 x flower rattle with shaking beads and reflective background

  • 1 x multi-textured dog rattle with sliding rings and teething handle

  • 5 x Yookidoo Links

  • 1 x safety seat for attaching in Stage 3

  • 1 x buckle strap for attaching in Stage 3

  • 1 x cloud shaped tummy pillow

Play & Develop

Cognitive Development

Physical Development

Social & Emotional Development

Good to Know

Safety first

When the gym is fully opened, the arches lock automatically. All toy parts are made and sized for safe playing and teething.


One product combining a classic playmat with a novel sit-up. This single product sees your child through several developmental milestones through their first year, including sitting.

Award Winning

A best seller product, and awarded the winner of the 2018 Tillywig Parent’s Favorite Product, it is also an Amazon choice product in its category.

...this thing is awesome! The mat itself is sturdy and safe...and the toys themselves are so well made with every detail with the intention of keeping your baby entertained and engaged...our little girl was pretty happy in her secure and comfortable strap..." | Diana's mommy


  • What type of batteries are used in this product?

    The motion-activated plane operates using three LR44 (button) batteries that are included for demo purposes. You will likely need fresh batteries when you begin to use it. Please use batteries of good quality and of a known brand. WARNNING: don’t use rechargeable batteries for this product.

  • How do I use this product properly?

    Never leave a child unattended and never put a playmat or baby seat on a raised surface.

  • What is the weight limit for the Sit Up position?

    The Sit Up position is suitable for a weight of about 25 lb (11 kg).

  • When is the right time to transform the gym from its laying position to the sit-up position?

    When babies show signs that they are ready and try to sit up by themselves, it’s a good time to transition the gym to its sit-up position, giving your baby the needed support.

  • How do I know if my baby is ready for the sit-up position?

    Your baby is ready for the sit up position if you notice initial sitting efforts, such as stretching the neck and shoulders to look around from a reclined position. Your baby should be engaged and looking around. Please note that babies are not ready if they are unable to support their head.

  • How do I transform the gym from its laying position to the sit-up position?

    The transition is easy. Simply follow the instructions on one of the following sources:

    • 1. video tutorial
    • 2. Online Instruction PDF or printed instructions (arrives with the product)
    • 3. Printed instruction on the back of the gym
    • 4. Printed instruction on the safety harness cardboard
  • How can I make sure my baby doesn’t slouch down in the sit-up position?

    Find and tighten the safety strap using the buckles on both sides of the safety seat pad. For larger babies, raise the straps and unfold the seat flap to increase support.

  • What age is the Sit-Up Stage for?

    YSit-Up and Play (stage 3) is geared towards babies that can hold their heads safely and are beginning to independently show interest in sitting upright. If your child is about 5+ months old make sure the seat flap of the safety harness is folded for a better fit. For a slightly larger fit for babies 8 months plus, unfold the seat flap.

  • Why should I want my baby to sit?

    Sitting provides babies with a different perspective of their surroundings, and allows them to observe, socialize, and interact with the world in ways that lying down may inhibit.

  • Why won’t the arches lock?

    The Gymotion arches will lock only when the mat is placed on a flat surface.

  • How do I fold the arches?

    Turn the red keys of the safety locks on the sides of the gym between the arches to switch from the locked to unlocked position. Lean the arches toward each other until they meet and then secure them closed with the Velcro strap.

  • What is the size of the Gymotion Lay to Sit-Up Play when fully folded?

    It folds up to the size of 27.5 x 18 inches (70 cm x 46 cm).

  • Can I wash the mat?

    The Gymotion Lay to Sit-Up Play mat and tummy time pillow are machine washable.

  • Can I wash the figures and rattles?

    All accessories and figures included with the Gymotion Lay to Sit-Up Play should be surface washed only!

  • How do I detach the mat from the structure?

    Attention! Make sure the baby is not on the mat when detaching the mat from the frame! Fold the Gymotion Lay to Sit-Up Play, as noted in the instructions. Then, unfasten the Velcro straps at the bottom of the pockets and on the back of the seat and carrying handle slot. Pull the mat upwards and out of the frame.

  • Does the Gymotion Lay to Sit-Up Play include batteries?

    It includes 3 x LR44 button batteries for the musical plane. No other parts of this product require batteries.

  • What is the date code and where can I find it on the product?

    The Yookidoo date code number helps us track the production date of the product. The date code of the Yookidoo Gymotion Lay to Sit-Up Play is on the care label. It is a 5-digit number and ends with letters, for example 12345OLD.

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